Efficient labelling is our mission!

We are here for you! The ZINTA label brand was created by a team of experienced professionals who are aware of the needs and challenges of the labelling process. We have the passion, knowledge and technology to always deliver the high-quality services. Whether you need simple labels printed in small quantities or the durable labels required in industrial processes, Zinta is the partner that can deliver quickly and efficiently.

The right label makes all the difference

We know that a label can contribute to the success of your product. That’s why we take every order seriously, putting passion into what we do, to ensure your business always benefits from professional, quality labels.

We are proud of what we do

We are a team of professionals. We come from different backgrounds and have different experiences. But we are committed to ‘a job well done’ throughout the entire process. So, we take it upon ourselves to always provide you with services at the highest quality standards.

15 years of experience & over 50,000 satisfied customers

More than 50,000 customers have chosen ZINTA as their main supplier for the labelling process. This is due to the flexibility, adaptability, and professionalism we show in every interaction. We offer advice and tailored solutions, so your business reaps the benefits every time.

Customers who chose Zinta

Do you enjoy Zinta labels?

Do you enjoy Zinta labels?