ZINTA Paper Rolls

Compatible with any type of equipment: cash registers, info-kiosks, bank POS, taxis, and fax machines.

Paper rolls are essential for any company that issues receipts, bills, invoices, service records, medical charts, parking tickets, travel tickets, courier delivery documents, consumption receipts or payment slips, and the quality of the paper they are printed on reflects the professionalism of every business.

ZINTA paper rolls have been tested to provide the best performance, durability, and clarity at a great price. The major advantage of this type of paper is that it does not require the use of ink, cartridges, or ribbons. Due to its chemical composition, the thermal paper reacts when exposed to heat and thus automatically prints incoming information. The image is formed by the transfer of heat from the thermal head to the ZINTA thermal paper, with the exposed area changing color to black.

All thermal paper roll variants are white and allow monochrome printing for a high quality, long-lasting readable result that is well defined by the background.

The best quality-price ratio

Costs are lower than for other types of printing, the only consumable being the paper roll.

Low maintenance costs

The only maintenance required is occasional cleaning of the print head to keep it clean.

Various sizes

Compatible with a wide variety of equipment and used for a wide range of applications.

Fast printing

Thermal printing produces an image much faster than printing on plain paper.


Can be printed on the back with your company name or logo.

Do you enjoy Zinta labels?

Do you enjoy Zinta labels?