What to consider when choosing labels?

What to consider when choosing labels

Labels are essential for many business processes. But what criteria need to be considered in order to choose the right labels for everyday applications?

Label material

Labels are available in a wide range of material and adhesive combinations, offering various levels of durability, image quality, tear-resistance and overall appearance.

Paper is the most common and cost-effective material, used for operational labels such as delivery labels or barcode labels. They have good adhesion to all types of materials and withstand extreme temperatures.

For applications where durability is required (such as outdoor use or exposure to water, chemicals, and sun), synthetics often offer significant operational benefits.

Type of adhesive

Depending on your needs regarding how easy or difficult the label can be peeled off, you can choose removable labels that are repositionable, removable, washable and can be removed with various degrees of difficulty at different points in the process and label lifetime.

The most common types of adhesives are:

Permanent – is the most used type of adhesive that provides a permanent bond to all dry surfaces, including corrugated cardboard. But during the application, the strength of this adhesive can be influenced by the quality, temperature and purity of the surface.

Removable – labels with this adhesive can be peeled off easily without leaving any residue. It can be applied with different types of film: PE, BOPP and it’s also recommended for labelling plastic surfaces. Application on PVC surfaces containing plasticizers in large quantities is not recommended.

Wet – is used for labelling wet packs destined to be frozen. Provides very good initial adhesion on difficult, slightly scratched, damp or greasy surfaces. After labelling, the labelled packages can be frozen.

Frozen – used to label dry but low-temperature objects. Recommended when labelling warm surfaces with slow cooling of approx. 80 ºC. During use, permanent adhesion may be influenced by the quality, temperature and purity of the surface.

VOID – this type of adhesive makes it impossible to reattach labels. Once the label is peeled off, the word “VOID” remains both on the label and on the surface to which it has been attached.

Compact or perforated

Labels can be compacted to be fully printed or have internal perforations (vertical or horizontal) for when you want to easily remove a portion of the label. For example, these labels can be used in situations where the labelled product is offered as a gift and the consumer wishes to remove the price.

Plain or pre-printed

To reduce costs and streamline the printing process, you can opt for pre-printed labels during the label production process. Whether it’s consecutive numbers, a specific image or certifications required by authorities, the labels you order can include this information from the beginning.

These are just a few aspects to consider when ordering the labels you need for your processes. For a more detailed analysis of your company’s needs, leave us a message at comenzi@zinta.ro and we will contact you shortly.